So you want to see real results from marketing your small business?

As a small business owner, you are an expert in your business. I’m here to ensure you don’t have to become an expert in marketing too.

Why work with Angie Bledsoe?

Angie is a 20 year marketing veteran working in a variety of industries and verticals. Having been on the agency side as well as the client side, Angie understands the challenges of both perspectives.

Based in Kansas City for over 20 years, Angie proudly serves this community both at home and at work. While Angie serves primarily Kansas City clients, she has worked with companies all over the United States helping businesses with their individual markets.

No two businesses are the same but Angie uses her extensive experience and problem-solving to craft a marketing plan that works for your business.

Being systems and process-driven, Angie will work to find solutions that work for your specific needs that can scale over time.

Understand Who Angie Is

Results in Numbers


years in marketing specializing in results analytics and client experience and satisfaction


key industries served from ecommerce, b2b lead generation, nonprofit and higher education


projects completed spanning all marketing channels and tactics

Levels of Service Offered

Marketing Assessments

Are you overwhelmed with where to start? Wonder if it’s too late to even get your business out there? Let me help sift through the noise to determine your best place to begin. I will provide an overview assessment of the key projects to tackle. If you want to execute on your own, you’ll have the tool to do so. Should you want help with execution, I’ll be there when you’re ready.

Execution to Scale

Perhaps you have a vision and you know exactly where you want to go with marketing. But you’re strapped for the bandwidth to make it happen or to research everything to do it the right way. I can help bring your vision to life and help you focus on the things most critical for your business.

Start to Finish Support

You’re certainly an entrepreneur who cares about your business and wants to stay involved in every step but you’re growing and need to find areas to help you focus on the most important value you bring. I can help craft a plan and with your input ensure it is executed and delivers the results you’re most interested in driving.

Areas of Assistance



Angie can help determine where to start and what will give you the biggest impact.

This can also include research of tools or processes that are most helpful for your business.



We will plan your messaging, target audience and best tactics for your goals. Your custom marketing plan could include email marketing, organic social media, paid social media, direct mail and a website content strategy supporting each mechanism. I will help you craft the copy, design and put the ideas into motion.

Every business is different and no two plans are the same. Angie has worked in all facets of markeitng and will work to find your unique marketing mix.



With a rich history in analytics, I will monitor performance and deliver key insights to you based on your key objectives. We won’t waste time spinning our wheels on metrics that don’t matter and will keep focused on results.



Marketing a business is never done but we learn and grow and get better with time. We will evolve our strategies as we learn more about your target audience and how they perform. We will refine the strategy over time ensuring positive results consistently.